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Hi. I’m Silke, and this is my blog.

I am on the downward slope of middle age with three kids ages 8 to 27, which explains my relationship with coffee and wine. Or whatever helps me navigate life without wreaking too much havoc on myself or others. I am trying to transition to healthier options like meditation and personal growth (sufficiently vague I know) but it’s hard because I also live with depression and have a lot of baggage taking up space in my mental mansion. I’m trying to unload it and move forward.

If one person reads this blog and what I say resonates with, helps, or inspires her (I use that pronoun, because that one person is probably my mom. Thanks, Mom!) then what I’m doing has some value and meaning. I felt alone for so long in what I was going through, like I was the only one. I want others out there to know, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I’m here, too, going through similar stuff (depression, over drinking, raising kids, trying to live a more fulfilling life). Let’s talk about it. Let be honest and vulnerable together. Or at least, I’m going to do that.

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Thanks, y’all.


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