Random Things on the Web I Dig Right Now (January 2015)

1. Poop Bread Recipe http://www.mynewroots.org/site/2013/02/the-life-changing-loaf-of-bread/

Okay, this isn’t really called poop bread, but that’s what I call it (to the chagrin of my husband, because you know how he feels about my potty mouth). My former community college students can tell you that I have a thing for poop. The consistency, color, smell – poop is important. It’s a window to your health. If you aren’t intimate with your poop, you need to be. Anyway, I found this recipe on line; this bread is gluten free, vegan, and will keep you regular. I have a pan that makes 8 mini loaves and I like to bake this bread on Sundays so I have a small loaf (ha ha, poop joke!) ready to eat every day of the week. I’ve found you can mix the recipe up a bit. I tend to add cinnamon and ginger and dried fruit or an overripe banana. Enjoy and may your poop be solid with this.


2. Funniest blog post I’ve read in a while http://tracyontherocks.com/whats-up-doc/

When I found this post, I laughed so hard and sent it to all my girlfriends to read. The girl doctor visit can be an awkward thing. You’re sitting there naked while someone makes small talk with you and inserts some probe all up in your private parts. I’ve usually had 5 cups of coffee before my visit and my doctor presses really hard on my flabs (that’s how I lovingly refer to my entire abdominal area) to feel my ovaries. “Your bladder is full,” she says in her German accented English. Yeah, no shit. She’s lucky I didn’t just pee on her. One time, I told my German gyno, who is not the most fluent in English, that I felt a lump in my breast. She said, “Don’t worry. I will taste it when I do the exam.” Whoa! Really? Now this is full service, I thought. But, she caught her mistake and, red faced, said, “I mean touch it. I will touch it.” Okay, so this Tracy on the Rocks post is along those lines. I hope you are as entertained by gyno humor as I am.


3. Inspiring podcast lectures on Buddhism http://www.audiodharma.org

Okay, enough with the 7th grade humor (can I help it? I raised 2 boys on Dumb and Dumber movies). Every morning when I run I listen to audio podcasts. Right now, I am so girl crushing on Andrea Fella of the Insight Meditation Center in California. She is a Buddhist practitioner and is wise and compassionate and really speaks to me, right where I am, right now. So, when you need to feel inspired and want to embark on your path of self actualization, listen to some of her talks. They will give you much food for thought.

One thought on “Random Things on the Web I Dig Right Now (January 2015)

  1. TracyontheRocks

    I’m so flattered I made your list! That is one of my favorite posts- it’s funny because the last two years, I’ve had some ridiculous things to report from my annual….
    The other day, I had someone ask me, “Tracy, isn’t it time for your pap smear? We need another funny story!”
    To which I replied, “What in the heck, how did you know it was time for my ladybits checkup?”
    “Oh because the last two years you’ve posted about your Dr. visits at the beginning of Feb.”
    Whelp, now I’ve got my Dr’s office AND my readers following up on my yearly check-ups hahaha
    There are worse things….

    I’m glad the German didn’t try to taste your lady lump and I hope the lump turned out to be nothing!


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