The Daily Intention Checklist: A Challenge and Reminder to Be a Better You

In the spirit of Steve Jobs, I have shamelessly stolen a great idea. And I’m sharing this great idea with you, because it can help you become a better you. How? Three words: daily intention checklist.

What is the Daily Intention Checklist?

My friend Elizabeth posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that she had created this daily checklist to help her live more intentionally.

I have shamelessly stolen a great idea, the daily intention checklist.

The great idea I stole from Elizabeth – an intention checklist.

I love this, because it’s a simple way to make intention setting and realization an achievable practice. You create a list of intentions. Then every single day, you look at that list, check off what you’ve done and see what you haven’t done. So simple, huh?

Thanks, Elizabeth.

What’s on My Intention Checklist?

If you follow mymusinglife on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I try to provide a unique daily mantra to inspire (me and) anyone who follows me to be a better version of themselves.

Because this intention checklist was going to have the same list of intentions every day, nothing unique, I thought long and hard about what I truly wanted to manifest in my life on a daily basis.

I knew that I wanted to keep the list relatively short. This way, I wouldn’t feel like a total failure if I had 25 things listed and only ever managed to accomplish two. And, I wouldn’t get overwhelmed in the first place seeing 25 things and feeling like I had to do them all.

After some trial and error, I selected three broad categories that are important to me (physical health, emotional health, and relationship to others), from these categories, I set eight intentions. These include moving my body, drinking water, eating well, meditating, journaling, reading, connecting with people, and acting with kindness.

I have shamelessly stolen a great idea, the daily intention checklist, which I'm sharing with you, because it can help you cultivate your best self.

My daily intention checklist, what I want to achieve every single day.

Where to go with this List

I’ve only been doing this a week, but it’s already very apparent where I need to bring greater attention.  I need to focus more on my writing, which is a form of self-care for me. I need to connect more with others, which, as an extrovert, revitalizes me. And, I need to act with kindness more.

I will continue to tweak this list, at the end of each month evaluating whether a certain intention should stay on the list (because I still need to work on it) or be removed from the list (because it’s become part of who I am). And, undoubtedly, other intentions will be added, as I choose to develop other aspects of myself.

However this evolves, the intention checklist is both a challenge and a reminder to think about how you want to live and to become who you want to be. I accept the challenge.


2 thoughts on “The Daily Intention Checklist: A Challenge and Reminder to Be a Better You

    1. The Muse Post author

      It’s good stuff, right? And it makes me think, what does it mean to act with kindness? Am I limiting myself? Is it an act of kindness to smile and say hello to everyone I pass while running? (Yes, I think it is.) What does it mean to connect with others? Does social media count? (Not for me, I need face to face or voice to voice contact). Is the blog a connection to others? I think so.


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