The Bright Pearl that Resides within Each of Us

There is a bright pearl within each of us. But we must find our pearl, uncover it, and allow it to shine. 

I came across this quote in the book Quiet Mind Open Heart – Finding Inner Peace through Reflection, Journaling, and Meditation, and it spoke directly to me. Of course, there is a bright pearl within me, and within each of us. It is just a matter of finding our pearl, uncovering it from all the dirt and muck that keeps it hidden, and allowing it to shine.  Continue reading

My Life the Shit Show: No, I wouldn’t change it

Today I read a memoir piece in my writing workshop that wasn’t about living with depression (surprise!). It was about – undoubtedly a likely contributor to my depression – my father and growing up in his scary, drunken shadow. It was yet another example of my life the shit show. Continue reading

Everyday Therapy: Healing outside of the Therapist’s Office

The goal of therapy is to heal or resolve problematic issues, whether they’re physical or psychological. While I’ve certainly paid my fair share of professional therapists over my lifetime, lately, I’ve been having everyday therapy that comes free of charge, from my experiences. Continue reading